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Modifying the Structure of an Access Table
Modifying the Structure of an Access Table
Even a well-designed table might need to be modifi ed. Some changes that you can make
to a table’s structure in Design view are changing the order of fi elds, adding and deleting
fi elds, and changing fi eld properties.
After meeting with Sarah Fisher, the offi ce manager at Belmont Landscapes, and
reviewing the structure of the Invoice table, Oren has changes he wants you to make
to the table. First, he wants the InvoiceAmt fi eld to be moved so that it appears right
before the InvoicePaid fi eld. Then, he wants you to add a new Text fi eld, named
InvoiceItem, to the table to include information about what the invoice is for, such as
schematic landscape plans, construction documents, and so on. Oren would like the
InvoiceItem fi eld to be inserted between the InvoiceDate and InvoiceAmt fi elds.
Moving a Field
To move a fi eld, you use the mouse to drag it to a new location in the Table Design grid.
Next, you’ll move the InvoiceAmt fi eld so that it is before the InvoicePaid fi eld.
To move the InvoiceAmt field:
1. Position the pointer on the row selector for the InvoiceAmt field until the pointer
changes to a
2. Click the row selector to select the entire InvoiceAmt row.
3. Place the pointer on the row selector for the InvoiceAmt field, click the
and then drag the
pointer to the row selector for the InvoicePaid field. See
Figure 2-17.
Figure 2-17
Moving the InvoiceAmt fi eld in the table structure
black line indicates
the new posit ion for
the field being moved
select ed field
move pointer
4. Release the mouse button. The InvoiceAmt field now appears between the
InvoiceDate and InvoicePaid fields in the table structure.
Trouble? If the InvoiceAmt field did not move, repeat Steps 1 through 4, making
sure you hold down the mouse button during the drag operation.
Adding a Field
To add a new fi eld between existing fi elds, you must insert a row. You begin by selecting
the row below where you want the new fi eld to be inserted.
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