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Modifying the Structure of an Access Table
Adding a Field Between Two Existing Fields
• In the Table window in Design view, select the row below where you want the new
field to be inserted.
• In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Insert Rows button.
• Define the new field by entering the field name, data type, optional description, and
any property specifications.
Next, you need to add the InvoiceItem fi eld to the Invoice table structure between the
InvoiceDate and InvoiceAmt fi elds.
To add the InvoiceItem field to the Invoice table:
1. Click the InvoiceAmt Field Name box. You need to establish this field as the
current field so that the row for the new record will be inserted above this field.
2. In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Insert Rows button. Access adds
a new, blank row between the InvoiceDate and InvoiceAmt fields. The insertion
point is positioned in the Field Name box for the new row, ready for you to type
the name for the new field. See Figure 2-18.
Figure 2-18
Table structure after inserting a row
Trouble? If you selected the InvoiceAmt field’s row selector and then inserted
the new row, you need to click the new row’s Field Name box to position the
insertion point in it.
You’ll define the InvoiceItem field in the new row of the Invoice table. This field
will be a Text field with a field size of 40, and you need to set the Caption
property to include a space between the words in the field name.
3. Type InvoiceItem , press the Tab key to move to the Data Type property, and
then press the Tab key again to accept the default Text data type.
4. Press the key to move to the Field Size box and to select the default field size, F6
and then type .
5. Press the Tab key three times to move to the Caption box, and then type Invoice
Item . The definition of the new field is complete. See Figure 2-19.
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