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Changing Field Properties
Figure 2-19
InvoiceItem fi eld added to the Invoice table
new field
Field Size
prop erty
set t o 40
Caption property set
6. Click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the changes to the
Invoice table structure.
Changing Field Properties
With the Invoice table design complete, you can now go back and modify the Field Size
property for the three Text fi elds in the Contract table. Recall that each of these fi elds still
has the default fi eld size of 255, which is too large for the data contained in these fi elds.
You’ll also set the Caption property for each fi eld to include a space between the words
in the fi eld name.
To modify the Contract table’s field properties:
1. Click the Close ‘Invoice’ button
on the object tab to close the Invoice table.
2. On the Navigation Pane, click the Shutter Bar Open/Close Button to open
the pane. Notice that the Invoice table is listed below the Contract table in the
Tables section of the pane.
3. Double-click Contract to open the Contract table in Datasheet view. To change
the Field Size property and set the Caption property, you need to display the
table in Design view.
4. In the Views group on the Home tab, click the View button. The table is displayed
in Design view with the ContractNum field selected. You need to change the
Field Size property for this field to 4 because each contract number at Belmont
Landscapes consists of four digits.
5. Press the key to move to and select the default setting of 255 for the Field Size F6
property, and then type . Next you need to set the Caption property for this field. 4
6. Press the Tab key three times to move to the Caption box, and then type
Contract Num .
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