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Touring the Windows 7 Desktop
Figure 1
Two windows open on the desktop
translucent color is
characteristic of the
Aero experience
overlapping windows
Windows 7 and the Aero Desktop Experience
Windows 7 provides themes, which are sets of desktop backgrounds, window colors,
sounds, and screen savers that allow you to personalize the Aero desktop experience.
The themes that take advantage of Aero’s rich three-dimensional appearance are called
Aero themes. You can use an Aero theme only if your computer hardware and version of
Windows 7 support it. (The Microsoft Web site at pr ovides detailed
information about the requirements for using Aero themes.) Otherwise, your computer
is set by default to use a desktop theme called Windows 7 Basic, which provides most of
the same elements as the enhanced experience, including windows and icons, but not
the same graphic effects. In this tutorial, the figures show the Windows 7 Aero theme. If
you are using Windows 7 Basic or a high contrast theme, the images on your screen will
vary slightly from the figures and some features will not be available. (These are noted
throughout the tutorial.)
Touring the Windows 7 Desktop
In Windows terminology, the desktop is a workspace for projects and the tools that you need
to manipulate your projects. When you fi rst start a computer, it uses default settings , those
Windows 7 has already set. The default desktop you see after you fi rst install Windows 7, for
example, displays a blue background with a four-color Windows logo. However, Microsoft
designed Windows 7 so that you can easily change the appearance of the desktop. You can,
for example, change images or add patterns and text to the desktop.
Interacting with the Desktop
To interact with the objects on your desktop, you use a pointing device . The most common
type is called a mouse , so this topic uses that term. If you are using a different pointing device,
such as a trackball or touchpad, substitute that device whenever you see the term mouse .
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