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Creating a Table by Importing an Existing Table Structure
Figure 2-27
Import Objects dialog box
tabs for
other types of
table obje ct to
be imported
options for
importing the
table data and/or
the table definition
Note the Import Tables section of the dialog box, which contains options for
importing the definition and data—that is, the structure of the table and any
records contained in the table—or the definition only. You need to import only the
structure of the Customer table Sarah created.
7. On the Tables tab, click Customer to select this table.
8. In the Import Tables section of the dialog box, click the Definition Only option
button, and then click the OK button. Access creates the Customer table in the
Belmont database using the structure of the Customer table in the Sarah
database, and opens a dialog box asking if you want to save the import steps.
9. Click the Close button to close the dialog box without saving the import steps.
10. Open the Navigation Pane and note that the Customer table is listed in the Tables
11. Double-click Customer to open the table, and then close the Navigation Pane.
The Customer table opens in Datasheet view. The table contains no records. See
Figure 2-28.
Figure 2-28
Imported Customer table in Datasheet view
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