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Adding Fields to a Table Using the Data Type Gallery
The table structure you imported contains some of the fi elds Oren wants, but not all
(see Figure 2-26); it also contains some fi elds Oren does not want in the Customer table.
You can add the missing fi elds using the Data Type gallery.
Adding Fields to a Table Using the Data
Type Gallery
The Data Type gallery , available in the Add & Delete group on the Fields tab, allows you
to add a group of related fi elds to a table at the same time, rather than adding each fi eld
to the table individually. The group of fi elds you add is called a Quick Start selection .
For example, the Address Quick Start selection adds a collection of fi elds related to an
address, such as Address, City, State, and so on, to the table at one time.
Next, you’ll use the Data Type gallery to add the missing fi elds to the Customer table.
To add fields to the Customer table using the Data Type gallery:
1. Click the Fields tab on the Ribbon. Note the More Fields button in the Add &
Delete group. Clicking this button displays the Data Type gallery.
Before inserting fields from the Data Type gallery, you need to place the
insertion point in the field to the right of where you want to insert the new fields.
According to Oren’s design, the Address field should come after the Phone field,
so you need to make the next field, FaxNumber, the active field.
2. Click the first row in the FaxNumber field to make it the active field.
Make sure the correct field
is active before adding
new fields.
3. In the Add & Delete group, click the More Fields button. The Data Type gallery
opens and displays options for different types of fields you can add to your table.
4. Scroll the gallery down so the Quick Start section is visible. See Figure 2-29.
Figure 2-29
Customer table with the Data Type gallery displayed
click to di splay the
Data Type gallery
new field s will be
inserted to the left
of the current field
available Q uick
Start selections
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