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Modifying the Imported Table
The Quick Start section provides options that will add multiple, related fields to
the table at one time. The new fields will be inserted to the left of the current field.
5. In the Quick Start section, click Address . Access adds five fields to the table:
Address, City, State Province, ZIP Postal, and Country Region. See Figure 2-30.
Figure 2-30
Customer table after adding fi elds from the Data Type gallery
five fields added
with Address Quick
Start selection
Modifying the Imported Table
Refer back to Oren’s design for the Customer table (Figure 2-26). To fi nalize the table
design, you need to modify the imported table by deleting fi elds, renaming fi elds,
changing fi eld data types, and moving some fi elds. You’ll begin by deleting fi elds.
Deleting Fields from a Table Structure
After you’ve created a table, you might need to delete one or more fi elds. When you
delete a fi eld, you also delete all the values for that fi eld from the table. So, before you
delete a fi eld you should make sure that you want to do so and that you choose the
correct fi eld to delete. You can delete fi elds from either Datasheet view or Design view.
Deleting a Field from a Table Structure
• In Datasheet view, click the column heading for the field you want to delete.
• In the Add & Delete group on the Fields tab, click the Delete button.
• In Design view, click the Field Name box for the field you want to delete.
• In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Delete Rows button.
The Address Quick Start selection added a fi eld named “Country Region” to the
Customer table. Oren doesn’t need a fi eld to store country data because all Belmont
Landscapes customers are located in the United States. You’ll begin to modify the
Customer table structure by deleting the Country Region fi eld.
To delete the Country Region field from the table in Datasheet view:
1. Click the first row in the Country Region field (if necessary).
2. In the Add & Delete group on the Fields tab, click the Delete button. The Country
Region field is removed and the first field, CustomerID, is now the active field.
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