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Modifying the Imported Table
You can also delete fi elds from a table structure in Design view. You’ll switch to
Design view to delete the other unnecessary fi elds.
To delete the fields in Design view:
1. In the Views group on the Fields tab, click the View button. The Customer table
opens in Design view. See Figure 2-31.
Figure 2-31
Customer table in Design view
click to delete
the current field
fields to be deleted
2. Click the FaxNumber Field Name box to make it the current field.
3. In the Tools group on the Design tab, click the Delete Rows button. The
FaxNumber field is removed from the Customer table structure.
You’ll delete the County, Web Page, and Notes fields next. Instead of deleting
these fields individually, you’ll select and delete them at the same time.
4. Click and hold down the mouse button on the row selector for the County field,
and then drag the mouse to select the Web Page and Notes fields.
5. Release the mouse button. The rows for the three fields are outlined in an orange
box, meaning all three fields are selected.
6. In the Tools group, click the Delete Rows button. See Figure 2-32.
Figure 2-32
Customer table after deleting fi elds
fields to be renamed
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