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Renaming Fields in Design View
Renaming Fields in Design View
To match Oren’s design for the Customer table, you need to rename the StateProvince
and ZIPPostal fi elds. In Tutorial 1, you renamed the default primary key fi eld, ID, in
Datasheet view. You can also rename fi elds in Design view by simply editing the names
in the Table Design grid.
To rename the fields in Design view:
1. Click to position the insertion point to the right of the word StateProvince in the
eighth row’s Field Name box, and then press the Backspace key eight times to
delete the word “Province.” The name of the eighth field is now State.
You can also select an entire field name and then type new text to replace it.
2. In the ninth row’s Field Name box, drag to select the text ZIPPostal , and then
type Zip . The text you type replaces the original text. See Figure 2-33.
Figure 2-33
Customer table after renaming fi elds
data t ype to
be changed
renamed fields
Changing the Data Type for a Field in Design View
According to Oren’s plan, all of the fi elds in the Customer table should be Text fi elds.
The table structure you imported specifi es the Number data type for the Phone fi eld. In
Tutorial 1, you used an option in Datasheet view to change a fi eld’s data type. You can
also change the data type for a fi eld in Design view.
To change the data type of the Phone field in Design view:
1. Click the right side of the Data Type box for the Phone field to display the list of
data types.
2. Click Text in the list. The Phone field is now a Text field. Note that, by default, the
Field Size property is set to 255. According to Oren’s plan, the Phone field should
have a Field Size property of 14. You’ll make this change next.
3. Press the F6 key to move to and select the default Field Size property, and then
type .
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