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Renaming Fields in Design View
Each of the remaining fi elds you added using the Address Quick Start selection—
Address, City, State, and Zip—also has the default fi eld size of 255. You need to change
the Field Size property for these fi elds to match Oren’s design. You’ll also delete any
Caption property values for these fi elds because the fi eld names match how Oren wants
them displayed.
To change the Field Size and Caption properties for the fields:
1. Click the Address Field Name box to make it the current field.
2. Press the F6 key to move to and select the default Field Size property, and then
type . 35
Note that the Caption property setting for this field is the same as the field name.
This field doesn’t need a caption, so you can delete this value.
3. Press the Tab key three times to move to and select the word Address in the
Caption box, and then press the Delete key. The Caption property value is
4. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 to change the Field Size property for the City field to 25
and to delete its Caption property value.
5. Change the Field Size property for the State field to and delete its Caption 2
property value.
6. Change the Field Size property for the Zip field to and delete its Caption 10
erty value.
7. Click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar to save your changes to the
Customer table.
Finally, Oren would like you to set the Description and Caption properties for the
CustomerID, Last, and First fi elds. You’ll make these changes now.
To enter the Description and Caption property values:
1. Click the CustomerID Description box, and then type Primary key .
2. In the Field Properties pane, click the Caption box.
After you leave the Description box, a Property Update Options button
appears below the Description box for the CustomerID field. When you change a
field’s property in Design view, you can use this button to update the
corresponding property on forms and reports that include the modified field. For example,
if the Belmont database included a form that contained the CustomerID field,
you could choose to propagate , or update, the modified Description property in
the form by clicking the Property Update Options button, and then choosing the
option to make the update everywhere the field is used. The text on the Property
Update Options button varies depending on the task; in this case, if you click the
button, the option is “Update Status Bar Text everywhere CustomerID is used.”
Because the Belmont database does not include any forms or reports that are
based on the Customer table, you do not need to update the properties, so you
can ignore the button for now.
3. In the Caption box for the CustomerID field, type Customer ID .
4. Click the Description box for the Last field, and then type Contact’s last name .
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