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Renaming Fields in Design View
5. Click the Caption box, and then type Last Name .
6. Click the Description box for the First field, and then type Contact’s first name .
7. Click the Caption box, and then type First Name . See Figure 2-34.
Figure 2-34
Customer table after entering descriptions and captions
Description property
values entered
data type changed
to Text
Caption p roperty
8. Click the Save button
on the Quick Access Toolbar to save your changes to the
Customer table.
9. In the Views group on the Design tab, click the View button to display the table
in Datasheet view.
10. Use the pointer to resize each column so that more fields are visible in the
datasheet. Then click in the first row for the Customer ID column. See Figure 2-35.
Figure 2-35
Modifi ed Customer table in Datasheet view
After viewing the Customer table datasheet, Oren decides that he would like the First
fi eld to appear before the Last fi eld. Earlier in this tutorial, when you created the Invoice
table, you learned how to change the order of fi elds in Design view. Although you can
move fi elds in Datasheet view by dragging a fi eld’s column heading to a new
location, doing so rearranges only the display of the table’s fi elds; the table structure is not
changed. To move a fi eld permanently, you must display the table in Design view.
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