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Renaming Fields in Design View
To move the Last field to follow the First field:
1. In the Views group on the Home tab, click the View button. The Customer table
opens in Design view.
2. Point to the row selector for the Last field so the pointer changes to a
3. Click the row selector to select the entire row for the Last field.
4. Place the pointer on the row selector for the Last field, click the
pointer, and
then drag the
pointer down to the line below the row selector for the First field.
5. Release the mouse button. The Last field now appears below the First field.
6. Click the Save button on the Quick Access Toolbar to save the table, and then
display the table in Datasheet view.
Trouble? If the fields in the datasheet do not appear in the same order as they
did in Design view, close the Customer table, reopen it in Datasheet view, and
then close the Navigation Pane. If a field that you deleted (FaxNumber, County,
Web Page, or Notes) still appears in the table, close the table, open it in Design
view, delete the field(s), save and close the table, open the table in Datasheet
view, and then close the Navigation Pane.
With the Customer table design set, you can now enter records in it. You’ll begin
by entering two records, and then you’ll use a different method to add the remaining
records. Note: Be sure to enter your fi rst name and last name where indicated.
To add two records to the Customer table:
1. Enter the following values in the columns in the first record (these values are for a
residential customer with no company name):
Customer ID = 11001
Company = [do not enter a value; leave blank]
First Name = [student’s first name]
Last Name = [student’s last name]
Phone = 616-866-3901
Address = 49 Blackstone Dr
City = Rockford
State = MI
Zip = 49341
Email =
2. Enter the following values in the columns in the second record, for a commercial
Customer ID = 11012
Company = Grand Rapids Engineering Dept.
First Name = Anthony
Last Name = Rodriguez
Phone = 616-454-9801
Address = 225 Summer St
City = Grand Rapids
State = MI
Zip = 49503
Email =
3. Close the Customer table.
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