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Session 2.2 Quick Check
Session 2.2 Quick Check
1. To insert a check mark in an empty check box for a Yes/No fi eld, you press the
2. What is the keyboard shortcut for inserting the value from the same fi eld in the
previous record into the current record?
3. data is a process that allows you to copy the data from a source
without having to open the source fi le.
4. The gallery allows you to add a group of related fi elds to a
table at the same time, rather than adding each fi eld to the table individually.
5. What is the effect of deleting a fi eld from a table structure?
6. A(n) text fi le is one in which fi elds of data are separated by a
character such as a comma or a tab.
7. The
is the “one” table in a one-to-many relationship, and the
is the “many” table in the relationship.
is a set of rules that Access enforces to maintain consistency
between related tables when you update data in a database.
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