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Figure 2-56
Records for the Donation table
Donation ID
Donor ID
Agency ID
Donation Date
Donation Description
Donation Value
Pickup Required
16. Resize columns in the datasheet to their best fi t (as necessary), and then save and
close the table.
17. Defi ne the one-to-many relationships between the database tables as follows:
between the primary Donor table and the related Donation table, and between the
primary Agency table and the related Donation table. Select the referential integrity
option and the cascade updates option for each relationship.
18. Save the changes to the Relationships window and close it, compact and repair the
Rossi database, and then close the database.
Case Problem 4
Explore some
new skills to
i nish creating
a database for
a luxury rental
Data Files needed for this Case Problem: Bookings.txt, GEM.accdb ( cont. from
Tutorial 1 ), and Overseas.accdb
GEM Ultimate Vacations Griffi n and Emma MacElroy use the GEM database to track
the data about the services they provide to the clients who book luxury vacations
through their agency. They ask you to help them maintain this database. Complete the
following steps:
1. Open the GEM database, which you created and stored in the Access1\Case4 folder
in Tutorial 1.
2. Open the Guest table in Design view and change the following fi eld properties:
a. GuestID: Enter Primary key for the description, change the fi eld size to , and 3
enter Guest ID for the caption.
b. GuestFirst: Change the fi eld size to and enter Guest First Name for the 20
c. GuestLast: Change the fi eld size to and enter Guest Last Name for the caption. 25
d. Address: Change the fi eld size to . 32
e. City: Change the fi eld size to . 24
f. State/Prov: Change the fi eld size to . 2
g. PostalCode: Change the fi eld size to and enter Postal Code for the caption. 10
h. Country: Change the fi eld size to .
i. Phone: Change the fi eld size to .
3. Save the Guest table, click the Yes button when a message appears indicating some
data might be lost, resize the Guest First Name and Guest Last Name columns in
Datasheet view to their best fi t, and then save and close the table.
4. In addition to importing the structure of an existing Access table, you can also import
both the structure and the data contained in a table to create a new table. Import the
Rentals table structure and data from the Overseas database into a new table in the
GEM database as follows:
a. Click the External Data tab on the Ribbon, and then click the Access button in the
Import & Link group.
b. As the source of the data, specify the Overseas database, located in the
Access1\Case4 folder provided with your Data Files.
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