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Touring the Windows 7 Desktop
Figure 4
Contents of the Recycle Bin
Close butt on
your Recycle Bin
might contain
items listed here
indicates the
number of items
in the Recycle Bin
Trouble? If the Recycle Bin window does not open, and you see only the Recycle
Bin name highlighted below the icon, you double-clicked too slowly. Double-click
the icon again more quickly.
3. Click the Close button
in the upper-right corner of the Recycle Bin window.
You’ll learn more about opening and closing windows later in this session.
Your mouse has more than one button. In addition to the left button, the mouse has
a right button that you can use to perform certain actions in Windows 7. However, the
term clicking continues to refer to the left button; clicking an object with the right button
is called right-clicking .
In Windows 7, right-clicking selects an object and opens its shortcut menu , which
lists actions you can take with that object. You can right-click practically any object—the
Start button, a desktop icon, the taskbar, and even the desktop itself—to view commands
associated with that object. Elena reminds you that you clicked the Start button with the
left mouse button to open the Start menu. Now you can right-click the Start button to
open the shortcut menu for the Start button.
To right-click an object:
1. Position the pointer over the Start button
on the taskbar.
2. Right-click the Start button to open its shortcut menu. This menu offers a list
of actions you can take with the Start button. See Figure 5.
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