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Exploring the Start Menu
Figure 5
Start button shortcut menu
shortcut menu; yours
might differ
right-click the
Start button
Trouble? If the shortcut menu does not open and you are using a trackball or a
mouse with a wheel, make sure you click the button on the far right, not the one
in the middle.
Trouble? If your menu looks slightly different from the one in Figure 5, it is still
the correct Start button shortcut menu. Its commands often vary by computer.
3. Press the Esc key to close the shortcut menu.
After opening the Start menu and its shortcut menu, you’re ready to explore its
Exploring the Start Menu
Recall that the Start menu is the central point for accessing programs, documents, and
other resources on your computer. The Start menu is organized into two panes , which are
separate areas of a menu or window. Each pane lists items you can point to or click. See
Figure 6.
Figure 6
Start menu
left pane
right pane
comman ds for
accessing files
tools for accessing
resource s on your
All Program s
button for logging
off and tu rning off
your computer
text box for finding
files and other items
on your computer
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