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Switching Between Programs
Switching Between Programs
Because only one program is active at a time, you need to switch between programs if
you want to work in one or the other. The easiest way to switch between programs is to
use the program buttons on the taskbar.
To switch between WordPad and Paint:
1. Click the WordPad program button on the taskbar. The WordPad program
window moves to the front, and the WordPad program button appears
highlighted, indicating that WordPad is the active program.
2. Click the Paint program button on the taskbar to switch to the Paint
program. The Paint program is again the active program.
You can also bypass the taskbar and use keyboard shortcuts to switch from one open
window to another. A keyboard shortcut is a key or combination of keys that perform a
command. If you are using an Aero theme, you can press and hold the Windows key and
then press the Tab key to activate Aero Flip 3D (often shortened to Flip 3D ), which
displays all your open windows in a three-dimensional stack so you can see the windows
from the side, the way you view the spine of a book.
The Windows key displays
the Windows logo, which
is a curved, four-part
window, and is usually located
in the lower-left part of
the keyboard.
To switch between program windows using Aero Flip 3D:
1. Press and hold the Windows key and then press the Tab key. Windows arranges
the Paint and WordPad windows and the desktop in a stack, with the Paint
window at the top of the stack. See Figure 10.
Figure 10
Aero Flip 3D
two windows and
the deskto p i mage
are flipped and
Paint window
appears at the
front of the stack
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