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Closing Programs from the Taskbar
Trouble? If a task switcher window displaying generic program icons opens when
you press the Windows+Tab keys, you are not using an Aero theme. Click outside
the task switcher window and then read, but do not perform, the remaining steps.
2. Press the Tab key to flip the WordPad window to the front of the stack. The Paint
window moves to the back of the stack.
3. Press the Tab key to flip the desktop to the front of the stack, and then press the
Tab key again to flip the Paint window to the front of the stack.
4. Release the Windows key to turn off Flip 3D and make Paint the active program.
You can use another Aero keyboard shortcut called Windows Flip to switch from
one window to another. When you hold down the Alt key and press the Tab key once,
Windows Flip displays thumbnails (miniature versions) of your open windows. See
Figure 11. The thumbnails display the exact contents of the open windows instead of
generic icons so you can easily identify the windows. While continuing to hold down
the Alt key, you can press the Tab key to select the thumbnail for the program you want;
you release the Alt key to close Windows Flip.
Figure 11
Using the task switcher window
thumbnails of the
Paint window,
WordPad window,
and desktop
In addition to using the taskbar to switch between open programs, you can close
programs from the taskbar.
Closing Programs from the Taskbar
You should always close a program when you are fi nished using it. Each program uses
computer resources, such as memory, so Windows 7 works more effi ciently when only
the programs you need are open. Elena reminds you that you’ve already closed an open
program using the Close button on the title bar of the program window. You can also
close a program, whether active or inactive, by using the shortcut menu associated with
the program button on the taskbar.
To close WordPad and Paint using the program button shortcut menus:
1. Right-click the Paint program button on the taskbar. The shortcut menu for
the Paint program button opens. See Figure 12.
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