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Using Windows and Dialog Boxes
Figure 13
Window controls
Program menu button
Lists commands for common program tasks, such as creating, opening, and
saving documents
Quick Access Toolbar
Contains buttons for performing tasks, such as saving a document
Provides access to the main set of commands organized by task into tabs
and groups
Sizing button
Lets you enlarge, shrink, or close a window
Status bar
Displays information or messages about the task you are performing
Organizes commands on the Ribbon related to similar tasks
Title bar
Contains the window title and basic window control buttons
Window title
Identifies the program and document contained in the window
Includes the part of the window where you manipulate your work—enter
text, draw pictures, and set up calculations, for example
Zoom controls
Magnify or shrink the content displayed in the workspace
To look at the window controls in WordPad:
1. Start WordPad. On your screen, identify the controls that are labeled in Figure 14.
Figure 14
WordPad window controls
Quick Access Toolbar
window title in
the title bar
Wor dPad
menu button
Rib bon
Home tab
sizing bu ttons
document win dow
or workspace
zoom c ontrols
status bar
After you open a window, you can manipulate it by changing its size and position.
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