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Using List Boxes
Figure 16 describes the Ribbon controls.
Figure 16
Types of controls on the Ribbon
How to Use
Button with arrow
Click the button to display a menu of related
Check box
Click to insert a check mark and select the option,
or click to remove the check mark and deselect
the option.
Text box
Click the text box and type an entry, or click the
arrow button to select an item from the list.
Toggle button
Click the button to turn on or apply a setting,
and then click the button again to turn off the
setting. When a toggle button is turned on, it is
Two-part button
with arrow
If an arrow is displayed on a separate part of the
button, click the arrow to display a menu of
commands. Click the button itself to apply the current
Most Windows 7 programs, including WordPad and Paint, include a Quick Access
Toolbar , which is a row of buttons on the title bar that let you perform common tasks
such as saving a fi le and undoing an action. You can display the name of each button
on the Quick Access Toolbar in a ScreenTip by pointing to the button, just as you do for
buttons on the Ribbon. You also can select a button on the Quick Access Toolbar or the
Ribbon by clicking the button, which performs the associated command.
To use buttons on the WordPad Ribbon and Quick Access Toolbar:
1. Click the Bold button in the Font group on the Home tab of the WordPad
Ribbon. Now any text you type will appear as bold text.
2. Type your full name in the WordPad window.
3. Click the Undo button on the Quick Access Toolbar. WordPad reverses your
last action by removing your name from the WordPad window.
Using List Boxes
As you might guess from the name, a list box displays a list of available choices from
which you can select one item. For example, to select a font size in WordPad, you use
the Font size list box on the Home tab. A list box is helpful because it only includes
options that are appropriate for your current task, such as selecting a font size. Some lists
might not include every possible option, so you can type the option you want to select.
In most cases, the right side of the list box includes an arrow. You can click the list box
arrow to view all the options and then select one or type appropriate text.
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