Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Session 1 Quick Check
Now that you’re fi nished exploring dialog boxes, you can exit WordPad.
To exit WordPad:
1. Click the Cancel button to close the Print dialog box.
2. Click the WordPad menu button , and then click Exit . A WordPad dialog
box opens asking if you want to save the document.
3. Click the Don’t Save button to close WordPad without saving the document.
In this session, you started Windows 7 and toured the desktop, learning how to
interact with the items on the desktop and on the Start menu. You also started two Windows
programs, manipulated windows, and learned how to select options from a Ribbon,
toolbar, menu, and dialog box.
Session 1 Quick Check
1. What does the operating system do for your computer?
2. A(n) is a confi dential series of characters.
3. True or False. Your computer represents fi les with icons, which are pictures of
familiar objects, such as fi le folders and documents.
4. What happens when you point to the Start button with a mouse? What happens
when you click the Start button with the left mouse button?
5. In Windows 7, right-clicking selects an object and opens its
6. When more than one window is open, the
appears on top of
all other open windows.
7. Why should you close each program when you are fi nished using it?
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