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Exploring Your Computer
others on an external drive, such as a digital music player attached to your computer,
they are all displayed in the Music library.
The computer Elena provides for you has a multitouch monitor, which lets you interact
with objects on the screen using your fi nger instead of a mouse. If you have a multitouch
monitor, a feature in Windows 7 called Windows Touch lets you perform tasks such as
selecting icons, opening folders, and starting programs using your fi nger as a pointing
device. To make it easier to select objects and identify which ones are selected, Windows
Touch displays a check box next to objects such as fi les and icons on the desktop and
in folder windows. For example, you could touch the check box shown in Figure 19 to
select all the folders in the Music library. If you are not using a multitouch monitor, these
check boxes do not appear in your folder windows or on the desktop.
To explore the contents of your computer using the Computer window:
1. If you took a break after the previous session, make sure that your computer is on
and Windows 7 is running.
2. Click the Start button on the taskbar, and then click Computer in the right
pane of the Start menu. The Computer window opens.
3. In the Navigation pane, click the Music link. The right pane displays the contents
of the Music library. See Figure 19.
Figure 19
Contents of the Music library
Address bar
indicates this
window sho ws the
Music library
check box appears
only if you are using
a multitouch monitor
icons show the
contents of the
Music library; your
contents might differ
Music link in the
Navigation pane
Trouble? If your window looks different from Figure 19, you can still perform the
rest of the steps. For example, your window might contain a different number of
folders and files.
The Address bar displays
your current location as a
series of links separated
by arrows. Click a folder
name in the Address bar
to display the contents of
that folder.
4. In the right pane, double-click the Sample Music icon to open the Sample Music
folder. The right pane of the window shows the contents of the folder you
doubleclicked. You can learn more about the contents of a folder by selecting one or
more of its files.
5. Click the first file listed in the Sample Music folder to select it. See Figure 20.
(Your files might appear in a different order.)
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