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Changing the View
Figure 20
Viewing fi les in a folder window
toolbar buttons
reflect tasks
appropriate for
the selected file
Change your view
button arrow
columns of music
file details
chec ked box
indicates the
selected file
icons indi cate the
type of file contents
Details pane shows
details abou t the
selected file
As you open folders and navigate with the Computer window, the contents of the
toolbar change so that they are appropriate for your current task. In Figure 20, the toolbar
lists actions to take with the selected music fi le, such as Play all and Burn.
Elena mentions that you can change the appearance of folder windows to suit your
preferences, which you’ll do next.
Changing the View
Windows 7 provides at least eight ways to view the contents of a folder—Extra Large
Icons, Large Icons, Medium Icons, Small Icons, List, Details, Tiles, and Content. The
default view is Details view, which displays a small icon and lists details about each fi le.
The icon provides a visual cue about the fi le type. Although only Details view lists all fi le
details, such as the contributing artists and album title for music fi les, you can see these
details in any other view by pointing to an icon to display a ScreenTip.
To practice switching from one view to another, Elena says you can display the
contents of the Sample Music folder in Tiles view. To do so, you’ll use the Change your view
button on the toolbar.
To view files in Tiles view:
1. In the Sample Music folder window, click the Change your view button arrow
on the toolbar. See Figure 21.
Trouble? If you click the Change your view button instead of the arrow, you
cycle through the views. Click the Change your view button arrow
, and then
continue with Step 2.
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