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Now you’re ready to use the Navigation pane to fi nd and open a folder people use
often—the My Documents folder, which is a convenient place to store your documents
and other work. The My Documents folder is stored in the Documents library by default.
To open the My Documents folder:
1. If necessary, click the expand icon next to Libraries in the Navigation pane to
display the four built-in library folders for Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos.
(Your computer might include additional library folders.)
Trouble? If the expand icon does not appear next to Libraries in the
Navigation pane, the Libraries folder is already expanded. Skip step 1.
2. Click the expand icon next to Documents to display the folders in the
Documents library. See Figure 23.
Figure 23
Folders in the Documents library
collapse icon
My Docu ment s
expand icon
3. Click the My Documents folder to display its contents in the right pane. (Your My
Documents folder might not contain any files or folders.)
4. Close the folder window.
Getting Help
Windows 7 Help and Support provides on-screen information about the program you are
using. Click the Start button and then click Help and Support to open the Windows Help
and Support window, which gives you access to Help fi les stored on your computer as
well as Help information stored on the Microsoft Web site. If you are not connected to
the Web, you only have access to the Help fi les stored on your computer.
Starting Windows Help and Support
• Click the Start button on the taskbar.
• Click Help and Support.
• Click the Help button on any folder window.
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