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Selecting a Topic from the Contents List
To view Windows Basics topics:
1. Click Learn about Windows Basics . A list of topics related to using Windows 7
appears in the Windows Help and Support window.
2. Scroll down to the Help and support heading, and then click Getting help . An
article explaining how to get help appears, with the headings in the article listed
in the In this article section on the right.
3. Click Getting help with dialog boxes and windows . The Windows Help and
Support window scrolls to that heading in the article.
4. Click the Back button on the toolbar. You return to the previous page you
visited, which is the Windows Basics: all topics page.
Selecting a Topic from the Contents List
The Contents list logically organizes all of the topics in Windows Help and Support into
topics and categories. In the Contents list, you can click a category to display the titles
of related topics. Click a topic to get help about a particular task or feature. For example,
you can use the Contents list to learn more about fi les and folders.
To find a Help topic using the Contents list:
1. Click the Help and Support home button
on the toolbar to return to the home
page for Windows Help and Support.
2. Click the Browse Help button on the toolbar. A list of categories appears in
the Windows Help and Support window.
3. Click Files, folders, and libraries to display the list of topics and other categories
related to files, folders, and libraries.
4. Click the topic Working with files and folders . The Windows Help and Support
window displays information about that topic.
5. In the first paragraph below the Working with files and folders heading, click the
word icons , which is green by default. A ScreenTip shows the definition of icons .
6. Click a blank area of the Windows Help and Support window to close the ScreenTip.
Searching the Help Pages
If you can’t fi nd the topic you need by clicking a link or using the toolbar, or if you want
to quickly fi nd Help pages related to a particular topic, you can use the Search Help box.
Elena provides a typical example. Suppose you want to know how to exit Windows 7,
but you don’t know if Windows refers to this as exiting, quitting, closing, or shutting
down. You can search the Help pages to fi nd just the right topic.
To search the Help pages for information on exiting Windows 7:
1. Click in the Search Help box. A blinking insertion point appears.
2. Type shut down and then press the Enter key. A list of Help pages containing the
words shut down appears in the Windows Help and Support window. See Figure 25.
(Your results might differ.)
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