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Turning Off Windows 7
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3. Click the Turning off your computer properly topic. The article appears in the
Windows Help and Support window.
Trouble? If a Topic not found message appears in the Help window, click the
Back button on the toolbar, and then click a different link in the Windows Help
and Support window, such as Turn off a computer: frequently asked questions .
If this article did not answer your question, you could click the Ask button on the
toolbar. Doing so opens a page listing other ways to get Help information.
4. Click the Close button
to close the Windows Help and Support window.
Now that you know how Windows 7 Help works, Elena reminds you to use it when
you need to perform a new task or when you forget how to complete a procedure.
Turning Off Windows 7
You should always shut down Windows 7 before you turn off your computer. Doing
so saves energy, preserves your data and settings, and makes sure your computer starts
quickly the next time you use it.
You can turn off Windows 7 using the Shut down button at the bottom of the Start
menu. When you click the Shut down button, your computer closes all open programs,
including Windows itself, and then completely turns off your computer. For greater fl
exibility, you can click the arrow on the Shut down button to display a menu of shut down
options, including Log off and Sleep. If you choose the Sleep option, Windows saves
your work and then turns down the power to your monitor and computer. A light on the
outside of your computer case blinks or turns yellow to indicate that the computer is
sleeping. Because Windows saves your work, you do not need to close your programs
or fi les before putting your computer to sleep. To wake a desktop computer, you press
any key or move the mouse. To wake a notebook computer, you might need to press the
hardware power button on your computer case instead. After you wake a computer, the
screen looks exactly as it did when you turned off your computer.
Shutting down does not
automatically save your
work, so be sure to save
your files before clicking
the Shut down button.
To turn off Windows 7:
1. Click the Start button
on the taskbar.
2. Click Shut down . Windows 7 displays a message that it is shutting down, and
then turns off your computer.
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