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Using the Page Background Section
Formatting a
2. Chooseoneofthesetabs:Gradient,Texture,orPattern.
— The Gradient tab shades the background from darker to lighter or between
two colors. Choose the number of colors you want, the degree of
transparency (for backgrounds, lighter is usually better) and the style of shading.
— The Texture tab offers a variety of textures, such as linen, burlap, granite,
marble, and wood grain. Click a texture to see a preview in the Sample
— The Pattern tab has graphic patterns, such as stripes, diamonds, bricks,
and checks, that can serve as page backgrounds in your document. Click a
pattern and select foreground and background colors (careful not to make
these too dark).
3. Whenyou’vechosenandformattedthebackgroundyouwant,clickOK.
Your document now has your selection as its background.
Giving pages a border
Great for flyers and announcements, a border gives a page visual oomph and calls
attention to its contents. To put a border around the pages in your document, start
with the Page Layout tab:
1. SelectPageLayout PageBorders(Alt,P,PB).
Word opens the Page Border tab of the Borders and Shading dialog box, shown
in Figure 2-27.
2. Usethedialogboxtomakeyourselections:
Setting. Here’s where you choose the type of border you want: box, shadow,
3-D, or custom.
Style. Use the drop-down list to select a style of line for your border: solid,
dashed, multiple lines, and so on.
Color. Click the down arrow to see a menu of colors you can use for your
Width. Select the border’s width here, from a thin one-quarter point to a
very thick 6 points.
Art. You can use pictures, rather than a line, for your border—such as a
border of hearts to announce a Valentine’s Day dance or bats for a
Halloween party. Click the drop-down list to scroll through the options.
Preview. This section shows how your border is shaping up as you work on
it. Click any of the buttons around the preview to remove or add the border
to the top, bottom, left, or right of the page.
Apply to. You can apply your border to the whole document or just a
section (page 156 tells you more about working with sections).
As you make your choices, Word displays a preview of how your border will
look on the page.
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