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Inserting Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Formatting a
Figure 2-28:
To insert headers,
footers, and page
numbers, head for
the Insert tab. Makes
sense, doesn’t it?
Inserting a header or footer
To insert a header or a footer, follow these steps:
1. SelectInsert Header(Alt,N,H)orInsert Footer(Alt,N,O).
Depending on what you chose, Word opens a menu of built-in, preformatted
header or footer styles. Figure 2-29 shows some of the built-in headers you
can choose.
Note: There’s no live preview of headers or footers in your document as you scroll through the
possibilities, but the menu shows a sample of each style.
Word inserts the header or footer into your document.
Now you can type in the information you want the header or footer to hold.
Figure 2-29:
Choose any of
Word’s built-in
headers to insert
that preformatted
header into your
document; you just
type in the text. You
also use this menu to
edit a header you’ve
already inserted.
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