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Inserting an image into a header or footer
Headers and footers don’t have to be boring. You can liven them up with an image,
such as your company logo. After you’ve created the header or footer, position your
cursor where you want the image to appear and open the Header & Footer Tools |
Design tab (Alt, JH). From there, you can insert an image from Word’s clip art
collection or choose an image stored on your computer.
To insert a clip art image, follow these steps:
1. OntheHeader&FooterTools|Designtab,selectClipArt(Alt,JH,F).
Word opens the Clip Art pane.
2. Ifyou’reconnectedtotheInternet,turnonthe“IncludeOffice.comcontent”
checkbox tosearchbothWord’sbuilt-inclipartandMicrosoft’svastonline
Word shows you any clip art that matches your search term.
3. Double-clickanimagetoinsertit.
The image appears in your header or footer.
4. Ifyouneedtoresizetheimage,clickitandusethesizinghandlestoadjustits
The Clip Art pane closes, and you can get back to editing your document.
Tip: Chapter 3 gives you the full scoop about working with images in Word.
To select an image from your computer and insert it into a header or footer, follow
these steps:
1. OntheHeader&FooterTools|Designtab,selectPicture(Alt,JH,P).
The Insert Picture dialog box opens to your Pictures library.
2. Navigatetotheimageyouwantanddouble-clicktoselectit.
Word inserts the image into your header or footer.
3. Ifyouneedtoresizethe image,click itandusethesizinghandlestoadjust
When the image is the right size, you can close the header or footer and
continue working on the document.
Tip: To remove an image from a header or footer, simply click the image and press Delete.
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