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Inserting Headers, Footers, and Page Numbers
Formatting a
Removing a header or footer
Change your mind about including a header or footer in your document? No
problem. You can get rid of it with just a few clicks. To remove a header or footer, select
Insert Header Remove Header (Alt, N, H, R) or Insert Footer Remove Footer
(Alt, N, O, R). That’s it—they’re gone.
Inserting page numbers
When you distribute a document for comments or discussion, the surest way to keep
everyone on the same page is to number your document’s pages. Word makes it a
snap to put page numbers in your document:
1. ChooseInsert PageNumber(Alt,N,NU).Ifyou’vealreadycreatedaheader
You see a menu that gives you options for where the numbers will appear: at the
top or bottom of the page or in a margin.
2. Pointatthepositionyouwantorusethearrowkeystomovetoit.
A menu appears, showing different styles and positions for the option you chose.
3. ClickorpressEntertoselecttheoneyouwant.
Your document now has page numbers.
Formatting page numbers
Word gives you some options for formatting page numbers in your document. To
format page numbers, select either Insert Page Number Format Page Numbers
(Alt, N, NU, F) or Insert Header & Footer Tools | Design Page Number Format
Page Numbers (Alt, JH, NU, F). This opens the Page Number Format dialog box
shown in Figure 2-31.
The dialog box has these formatting options:
Number format. Choose a number format from the drop-down list. Your
options include regular numbers, Roman numerals, and even letters.
Include chapter number. In a long document, you can show both the chapter
number and the page number by turning on this checkbox. When you turn on
this option, you have to make a couple more choices: Which heading level
defines a chapter, and how to separate the chapter number from the page number
(using a hyphen or a colon, for example).
Page numbering. If your document has multiple sections, you can simply
number the pages continuously (this is the standard choice) or start each section all
over again from page 1 (or any number you choose).
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