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Creating a Table from Scratch
Creating a Table
Creating a Table from Scratch
If you like to create a table by drawing it first and then filling in its cells with data,
you have several options: Insert an empty table, insert one that’s preformatted, or
draw it yourself. And best of all, when you adopt this design-first, enter-data-later
approach, you’re not stuck with the table’s structure if you need to change it. Later in
this chapter, you’ll get the scoop on how to edit a table.
Inserting a table
To quickly draw and insert a basic grid of equal-sized cells, start by putting the
cursor where you want the new table to appear. Then follow these steps:
1. HeadtotheInserttabandclicktheTablebutton(Alt,N,T).
The Insert Table menu, shown in Figure 3-1, appears, showing a 10 × 8 grid of
2. Useyourmousepointeroryourkeyboard’sarrowkeystomoveoverthegrid.
As you select the number of rows and columns, Word shows you a live preview
of how the table will appear in your document.
3. Whenthetableisthesizeyouwant(fornow),clickorpressEnter.
The table appears in your document.
Note: When you create a table, the Table Tools contextual tab appears, adding two tabs specific to
working with tables—Table Tools | Design and Table Tools | Layout. When you move outside the table to work
on another part of your document, these babies disappear. So you see ’em only when you need ’em.
Figure 3-1:
As you create your
table, Word displays
a live preview of how
the table will look.
Select the number of columns and
rows for your table here.
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