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Creating a Table from Scratch
Creating a Table
Inserting a preformatted table
If you have a certain type of table in mind—like a calendar or an expense list, for
example—or if you just want a nice-looking table without doing all the work of
designing it yourself, take advantage of one of Word’s predesigned, preformatted tables.
Position the cursor where you want this new grid to appear. From there, you’re only
a couple of steps away from inserting the table:
1. SelectInsert Table QuickTables(Alt,N,T,T).
A fly-out menu of built-in tables appears, as shown in Figure 3-2. Use the scroll
bar or arrow keys to browse through its tables.
2. When you find the table youwant,position themouseover it and clickor
Word inserts the preformatted table into your document.
Preformatted tables contain some placeholder data, such as a month’s name and
dates for a calendar table. To clear a table’s contents, select the table by clicking Table
Tools | Layout Select Select Table (Alt, JL, K, T) and then press the Delete key.
This deletes the table’s data while keeping its structure and formatting.
Figure 3-2:
Word comes with a
full complement of
predesigned Quick
Tables built right in.
Your options include
calendars and lists
in table form. Save
yourself time and
formatting headaches
by selecting one.
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