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Creating a Table from Scratch
Creating a Table
Drawing a table
If you need a table that goes beyond simple rows and columns—one with
differentsized cells, for example—whip out a virtual pencil and design your own table by
drawing it. Here’s how:
1. SelectInsert Table DrawTable(Alt,N,T,D).
The mouse pointer changes to a pencil, as shown in Figure 3-3.
2. Clickanddragdiagonallytodrawthetable’souterboundaries.
As you drag, a dotted line shows the size of the rectangle you’re drawing.
3. When the rectangle is the sizeyouwant foryour table, letgoof themouse
Word creates the boundaries of your table and opens the Table Tools | Design
4. Drawgridlinesbetweentherowsandcolumnsofyourtable.
As you draw, dotted lines snap into place, keeping your lines straight and
perfectly horizontal or vertical.
5. Whenyou’refinisheddrawing,clickinsideanycellandstarttypingthere.
The drawing pencil disappears, and you’ve got a custom table in your
document, ready and waiting for your data.
Tip: If you make a mistake as you’re drawing the table, use the Eraser to get rid of any line you’ve drawn.
Select Table Tools | Design➝Eraser (Alt, JT, E), and the pointer morphs into an eraser. Click any line to
erase it. When you’re done, you can go back to drawing lines by selecting Table Tools | Design➝Draw
Table (Alt, JT, D).
Figure 3-3:
When you draw a
table, Word opens the
Table Tools | Design
tab. Drawing tools
are in the Draw
Borders section (circled).
Click Eraser if you
make a mistake, and
then click Draw Table
to go back to drawing
lines. You can also
change the line style,
width, and color with
the options in this
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