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Merging and Splitting Cells
Editing a Table
3. SelectHome Paste(Alt,H,VorCtrl+V).
The row or column appears immediately above or to the left of the insertion point.
Tip: You can select and move multiple rows and columns in the same way. Just select all the rows or
columns that you want to move before cutting or copying.
Merging and Splitting Cells
You may think of a table as a perfect grid, with uniform, evenly spaced cells. But
tables are more flexible than that. You can merge cells to make a supercell that spans
multiple columns, or you can split a cell to divide it more narrowly than the other
cells in its row or column. Whether you want to merge cells or split them, head to
the Table Tools | Layout tab’s Merge section:
To merge cells, select the cells you want to fuse into one and then select Table
Tools | Layout Merge Cells (Alt, JL, M).
Tip: Here’s another way to merge cells: Select the cells you want to merge, right-click, and then choose
Merge Cells from the shortcut menu.
To split a single cell, click the cell you want to divide and select Table Tools |
Layout Split Cells (Alt, JL, P). This opens the Split Cells dialog box, shown in
Figure 3-6. Set the number of columns and/or rows you want the split cells to
have, and then click OK.
To split a range of cells, select the range you want to split and then click Table
Tools | Layout Split Cells (Alt, JL, P). When the Split Cells dialog box (Figure
3-6) opens, make sure that the “Merge cells before split” checkbox is turned on.
This makes your range one big cell first, then splits that cell into the number of
columns and rows you select. Click OK to split the cells.
To split a table, position the cursor in the first row of what will become the new
table. Select Table Tools | Layout Split Table (Alt, JL, Q). Word splits the table
into two separate ones and inserts a line between them.
Figure 3-6:
When you split a cell, you need to set the number of rows and columns you want to
create. If you selected a range of cells to split, the “Merge cells before split” checkbox
starts by merging the range into one big cell, then splits it according to how many
columns and rows you set.
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