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Inserting Clip Art
Inserting Images
Figure 3-11:
Although Word comes
with sample pictures
built in, you’ll
probably want to use your
own. Find and select a
folder in the left-hand
pane, choose the
picture you want, and
then click Insert.
Note: When Word inserts a new picture, it opens the Picture Tools | Format tab so that you can edit the
picture. Keep reading to learn how to edit images in Word.
Inserting Clip Art
Clip art is a collection of images—ranging from cartoonish drawings to basic
animations to photographs—that you can use to illustrate Word documents and other
Office files (like PowerPoint presentations). Office comes with a bunch of built-in
clip art, and you can access more at You put clip art into your document
from the Insert tab:
1. Putthecursorwhereveryouwanttoaddtheart,andthenselectInsert Clip
The Clip Art pane opens, as shown in Figure 3-12. This pane lets you search for
clip art images, both those that come preloaded in Microsoft Office and those
on Microsoft’s website.
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