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Inserting a Screenshot
Inserting Images
2. Typeinasearchtermthatdescribesthekindofimageyou’relookingfor.If
Word displays any clip art that meets your search criteria.
3. Scrollthroughtheresultsandclickanimagetoinsertit.
The image appears in your document.
If you’re done inserting clip art for now, you can close the Clip Art pane by clicking
its upper-right X.
Figure 3-12:
Search for built-in clip art to spruce up your
document. For more options, get online,
turn on the “Include content”
checkbox, and then click Go to search a
much larger online collection.
Inserting a Screenshot
If you’ve ever needed to show an image of a web page or a dialog box, you know that
getting that screenshot into your document can take a lot of work: You have to use
some program to take the screenshot, save it on your computer, and then insert it
into your document as an image. New in Word 2010, you can now cut out the
middleman by taking screenshots and inserting them directly into your document—all
in Word. It really couldn’t be easier:
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