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Inserting a Screenshot
Inserting Images
1. Position the cursor where you want the image to appear, and then select
Insert Screenshot(Alt,N,SC).
A menu called Available Windows opens, as shown in Figure 3-13. This menu
shows a miniature version of each window you have open.
2. PositionthemouseoverascreenshotandclickorpressEnter.
The screenshot appears as an image in your document.
Now you can work with the screenshot just as you’d edit any image in Word (the next
section tells you how).
Tip: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes even a picture needs a little
explanation. To give an image a caption, select the image and then click References➝Insert Caption (Alt, S, P). In
the Caption dialog box that opens, type what you want the caption to say. Select whether you want the
caption to appear above or below the image, and then click OK to insert the caption into your document.
Bonus tip: You can insert captions for tables in the same way.
Figure 3-13:
Word can take a
snapshot of any other
window you have
open and insert it into
your document.
What if you don’t want to insert the whole screen? For example, maybe you’re
interested in the main part of a web page but not the ads along its sides. You can select a
region of the window you’re shooting, then insert just that region. Position the
cursor where you want to insert the image and minimize all windows except for Word
and the window you want to shoot. Then proceed like this:
1. SelectInsert Screenshot(Alt,N,SC).
The Available Windows menu (Figure 3-13) opens, showing just the open
2. AtthebottomoftheAvailableWindowsmenu,clickScreenClipping(pressC
The window opens and grays over, and a crosshairs pointer appears, as shown
in Figure 3-14.
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