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Changing an Image’s Size
Editing an Image
Changing an Image’s Size
Resizing an image makes it fit better on the page, but there are some limits to what
you can accomplish when you change a picture’s size. For example, if you try to
take a small image and make it much bigger, it will appear blurry and pixelated (the
small squares that make up the image will become visible). Resizing works best for
relatively small adjustments.
When you select an image, handles appear at the image’s corners and halfway along
each side, as you can see in Figure 3-15. The easiest way to make the image larger or
smaller is to click a handle and hold down the mouse button as you drag to resize
the image. If you use this method, work with a corner resizing handle; these handles
keep the image’s width and height in proportion as you change its size.
You can also resize an image using the drop-down lists of the Picture Tools | Format
tab’s Size section. The Shape Height (Alt, JP, H) and Shape Width (Alt, JP, W) boxes
show the image’s current size in inches. Change one (use the up and down arrows or
type in the number you want), and the other changes to retain the image’s proportion.
Figure 3-15:
The Picture Tools |
Format tab has
commands for working
with images in these
sections: Adjust
(for brightening or
sharpening an image,
adjusting its color, or
applying effects),
Picture Styles (to frame
your image or give it
shadows, beveling, or
other effects), Arrange
(to position the image
in relation to other
elements in your
document), and Size
(to crop the image
or adjust its size in
Rotation handle
Resizing handles
Cropping an Image
Cropping is different from resizing. When you resize an image, you grow or shrink
the entire image. But when you crop an image, you cut out parts of the image that
you don’t want. If you want only part of an image that you’ve inserted, you can crop
the image directly in Word. Select the image to open the Picture Tools | Format Tab,
and then click Crop; on the menu that opens, click Crop again (Alt, JP, V, C).
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