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Removing a Picture’s Background
Editing an Image
Cropping handles appear around the image. As Figure 3-16 shows, these cropping
handles are at the same points as the resizing handles and look like bold black lines.
Move the mouse pointer over a cropping handle until the cursor changes shape to
match the cropping handle. Click (the cursor becomes a crosshairs when you do)
and drag to crop out parts of the image you don’t want. As you drag, the original
outline of the image remains. Let go of the mouse button to finish the crop.
Tip: You can drag cropping handles both ways. So if you crop too far and want to restore some of what
you’ve cropped, simply drag the handle back out to restore the image. You can do this even after you’ve
finished cropping the image.
Repeat with the other cropping handles as necessary. When you’re done, click
outside the image to save your changes.
Tip: To add a fun effect to an image, crop it to a shape. Click the image and select Picture Tools |
Format➝Crop➝Crop to Shape (Alt, JP, V, S). A menu opens showing shapes—hearts, triangle, arrows,
lightning bolts, and more—that work like cookie cutters. When you choose a shape, Word crops the photo
to that shape.
Removing a Picture’s Background
Some pictures have busy backgrounds that steal the focus from the main image. It
can take a keen eye, a steady hand, and a lot of concentration to remove the
background from an image. But Word 2010 has made that job a whole lot easier. As you
can see in Figure 3-16, you can remove an image’s background after you’ve inserted
the image into Word.
Figure 3-16:
’fraid of Photoshop?
You don’t need
software to remove the
background from a
picture—you can do it
right in Word.
Original picture
Picture with background
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