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Removing a Picture’s Background
Editing an Image
Note: Removing a picture’s background works only with .docx files—you can’t do this if Word 2010 is
working with an older .doc file in Compatibility Mode.
Here’s how to make the main subject of an image stand out by getting rid of the
ClicktheimagewhosebackgroundyouwanttoremoveandthenselectPictureTools|Format RemoveBackground(Alt,JP,E).
The Background Removal tab, shown in Figure 3-17 opens. Word starts off by
guessing which part of the photo you want to emphasize and places a
selection area around it. Any part of the photo that Word considers background is
Figure 3-17:
Use the handles to
adjust the selection
area, telling Word
which part of the
image is foreground—
that is, which part of
the image you want
to keep.
2. Ifnecessary,adjust theselectionarea.Youcanalsomarkareasyouwant to
When you click the appropriate button, the pointer turns into a pencil. Use the
pencil to draw lines around any part of the image you want to select or remove.
If you make a mistake, press the Delete Mark button, and when the pointer
changes to an arrow, click the mark you want to remove.
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