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Adjusting an Image’s Appearance
Editing an Image
Figure 3-18:
To rotate an image, click the rotation handle and drag in a
circle until you’ve got the angle you want.
Rotation handle
Rotation pointer
Adjusting an Image’s Appearance
Amateur and professional photographers alike adjust their pictures—sharpening
here, brightening there, maybe adjusting the color saturation—to make the images
look their best. You can make these adjustments right in Word; no need to mess
around with photo-editing software. Adjust a picture’s appearance in the Picture
Tools | Format tab’s Adjust section (click the image to open this tab). Here are the
buttons to use:
Corrections (Alt, JP, R). Use this button to sharpen (increase focus) or soften
(blur) an image and to adjust its brightness and contrast.
Color (Alt, JP, I). This button is where you adjust color saturation (purity)
or color tone (the actual color that appears—red, blue, fuchsia, whatever). It’s
also where you can recolor an image—making a full-color image grayscale,
for example.
Artistic Effects (Alt, JP, X). Make a photograph look like a painting, a chalk
sketch, an image seen through glass, and a whole bunch more. If you feel like
getting creative, check out the effects here.
The basic drill for any of these adjustments is the same:
Select the image you want to adjust to open the Picture Tools | Format tab (Alt, JP).
In the Adjust section, click the kind of adjustment you want to make: Corrections,
Color, or Artistic Effects.
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