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Wrapping Text Around an Image
Editing an Image
Wrapping Text Around an Image
An image can be a pretty decoration, or it can be an essential part of your document.
To incorporate an image into the text that it illustrates, you can wrap text around the
image. Instead of inserting a lonely image sitting all by itself on its own line, the
image gets surrounded by text. This makes it clear which part of the text goes with the
image, saves space, and gives your document a professional-looking layout.
The two buttons you use to position an image in relation to text are in the Picture
Tools | Format tab’s Arrange section:
Position (Alt, JP, PO) lets you left-, center-, or right-align the image at the top,
middle, or bottom of the page. Thumbnails show you what each layout looks
Wrap Text (Alt, JP, TW) tells Word how to place words in relation to the image:
In Line with Text. The bottom of the image is even with the first line of the
paragraph that follows it.
Square. The text forms a neat-looking square around the image, even if the
image has an irregular shape.
Tight. The text approaches the image more closely than with normal
wrapping. For an irregularly shaped image, the text is straight across the top and
bottom of the image but approaches the contours on the sides.
Through. When you select this option, you can place the image anywhere
in your document, and the text will wrap around its edges, with a little
white space between the text and image. If the image has an irregular shape,
the text wraps to follow its contours.
Top and Bottom. The image appears on its own line, with text above and
below it but not on either side.
Behind Text. The text runs right across the image. (Depending on your
image, this can be hard to read.)
In Front of Text. The text runs behind the image, which blocks some of
the text.
As you move the mouse pointer over the various wrap options, Live
Preview shows how each looks in your document, so you can select the one
that looks best.
Tip: You can also find the Position and Wrap Text buttons in the Arrange Section of the Page Layout tab
(Alt, P, PO for Position and Alt, P, TW for Wrap Text).
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