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Searching for Images
Editing an Image
You can manually adjust how closely the text wraps around your image by selecting
the image and then taking these steps:
1. ChoosePictureTools|Format WrapText EditWrapPoints(Alt,JP,TW,E).
Word shows a box around the image, with a small black square at each corner,
as shown in Figure 3-20. These square are the image’s wrap points , which
determine the distance between the text and the image.
2. Clickanywrappoint.Dragitclosertotheimagetobringthewordscloser;
As you drag, Word shows both where the wrap point was and where you’re
moving it (connected to other wrap points by a dotted line).
3. Letgoofthemousebuttontorepositionthewrappoint.
Word moves the text according to the new wrap point.
Wrap points
Figure 3-20:
The Wrap Text button
(circled) has a menu
option that lets you
edit wrap points. Click
and drag any wrap
point to change how
closely text wraps
around an image.
Searching for Images
When you have multiple images, especially in a long document, it’s a pain to scroll
through page by page, looking for a particular picture. Word 2010’s Navigation pane
lets you jump from one image to the next, browsing quickly through the document
until you find the image you want. Here’s how:
1. OpentheNavigationpanebygoingtotheViewtaband,intheShowsection,
selectHome Find(Alt,H,FD).
The Navigation pane opens. If it’s not already selected, click the Browse tab.
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