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Inserting SmartArt into Word Documents
Adding Charts and
To delete WordArt, click the WordArt to show its text box, click any border of the
text box, and then press Delete or Backspace.
Inserting SmartArt into Word Documents
Introduced with PowerPoint 2007, SmartArt added visual interest to ho-hum
PowerPoint slides, replacing boring old bullets and cockeyed flowcharts with
professionallooking graphics. And SmartArt can do the same for your Word documents, impressing
colleagues, clients, and higher-ups with your attention-getting graphics.
Chapter 21 discusses working with SmartArt in detail (it’s consistent across
Office programs). So head there to see figures and read about editing and formatting
SmartArt. Here’s how to insert SmartArt into a Word document:
1. PlacethecursorwhereyouwantSmartArttoappearinyourdocument,and
thenselectInsert SmartArt(Alt,N,M).
The Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box opens. A menu on the left lists the
different kinds of graphics you can insert: list, process flow, cycle, hierarchy,
and so on. A gallery of SmartArt appears in the middle of the box, and there’s
a preview of the selected SmartArt graphic on the right. Each preview includes
commentary on when you might want to use that graphic.
2. ChoosethekindofSmartArtyouwantontheleft,andthenselectagraphic
The graphic you selected appears in your document, along with a pane where
you can type the text to appear on the graphic, such as labels on a chart or points
or steps on a list.
3. Use the typingpane toadd text to thegraphicand thearrowkeys tomove
As you type, your text appears in the graphic.
4. When you’re finished adding text, click the typing pane’s upper-right X to
Your graphic shows the text you entered.
To edit what you’ve written on a SmartArt graphic, click its text to reveal the text box
that contains it and type inside the box. Alternatively, click the tab on the left side of
the frame that holds the graphic to reopen the typing pane.
Adding Charts and Diagrams
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good chart is probably worth 10 times
that amount. Charts and diagrams take data and express it in an easy-to-understand
visual form. When you insert a chart into Word, you present information that
readers can easily interpret and absorb at a glance.
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