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Inserting SmartArt into Word Documents
Adding Charts and
Here’s how to insert a chart into Word:
1. With the cursor in the spot where you want to insert the chart, select
Insert Chart(Alt,N,C).
The Insert Chart dialog box, shown in Figure 3-23, opens. On the left is a menu
of different chart types, including column, line, pie, bar, and so on. The rest of
the dialog box shows a gallery of chart styles for each type.
Figure 3-23:
Word (like the other programs
in the Office suite) comes with
many built-in chart styles.
Select a type of chart on the
left to see the available styles
for that type.
2. SelectthechartstyleyouwantandclickOK.
Tip: If you tend to use the same chart style over and over again, select that style and click Set as Default
Chart. The next time you open the Insert Chart dialog box, Word preselects that style for you. Of course,
you can pick a different style if you want, but you won’t have to hunt for your favorite.
Word inserts the chart into your document and opens Excel in another window
with some sample data, as shown in Figure 3-24.
3. IntheExcelwindow,replacetheplaceholderdatawithyourown.
For example, say you were comparing quarterly sales for four different
territories. You’d replace the categories in Column A with time periods: 1st Quarter,
2nd sQuarter, 3rd Quarter, and 4th Quarter. And you’d replaces the series in
Row 1 with territories: say, North, South, East, and West. Then fill in your data
in the appropriate cells.
As you type, the changes you make in Excel appear immediately in your chart
in Word. If you need more rows or columns, click the lower-right corner of the
blue box that surrounds the data in Excel and drag it to expand the range of cells.
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