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You know what they say: Nobody’s perfekt. Everyone makes spelling mistakes,
typos, and grammar flubs. And nobody—yet—can cram an entire library’s
worth of reference information between their ears. Thanks to Word’s
proofing and research tools, you don’t have to be perfect to produce perfect documents.
Word can keep an eye on your spelling and grammar and correct common typos
before you even realize your finger hit the wrong key. It takes the drudgery, too, out
of common formatting tasks, like creating lists and inserting certain symbols, by
automating them. It can also help you find information you need, from synonyms and
definitions to translations to web searches—all without leaving Word.
Checking Spelling and Grammar
You may not have a small army of editors to make sure your spelling and grammar
are up to snuff, but thanks to Word’s spelling- and grammar-checking tools, you
don’t need them. Word is constantly on the lookout for mistakes in both
departments, flagging problems and offering suggested fixes.
Catching Spelling Mistakes
Word assumes you want to catch and correct spelling errors as they occur, so it
automatically checks your spelling as you type. When Word spots an error, it puts
a wavy red line under the offending word. If the mistake is obvious, you can fix the
spelling yourself to make the red line go away. If you’re not sure how to spell the
word correctly, right-click it. A shortcut menu opens, as shown in Figure 4-1, with
suggested corrections at the top. Click a suggestion to replace the misspelled word
with the correct one.
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