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Proofing and
Checking Spelling
and Grammar
Figure 4-1:
When Word spots an iffy spelling, a wavy
red line appears beneath the suspect
word. To find out what the correct spelling
may be, right-click the word and choose a
correction from the menu.
Some people prefer to focus on getting their thoughts down as they write—they
don’t want to worry about fixing typos and spelling errors until later. If that’s how
you roll, then getting your spelling checked while you type is distracting, kind of like
having someone reading over your shoulder, periodically poking you and saying,
“Hey! Look there! You made a mistake!” If you prefer to focus on your thoughts as
your write and clean up the text later, it’s simple to turn off automatic spell checking:
1. ClickFile Options(Alt,F,I).
The Word Options dialog box opens.
2. SelectProofing.
Options related to spell checking are in the “When correcting spelling and
grammar in Word” section.
3. Turnoffthe“Checkspellingasyoutype”checkbox,andthenclickOK.
Those wavy red lines appear no more in your documents.
If you turn off the “Check spelling as you type” feature, don’t forget to run a spell
check on your document before you print it out or email it; page 115 shows you how.
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