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Looking Up a Word in the Dictionary
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Looking Up a Word in the Dictionary
No matter how big your vocabulary, once in a while you have to look up a word to
find out (or check) its meaning. No need to leaf through a dictionary, though—you
can look up words using the Research pane.
Select the word that’s puzzling you and open the Research pane (Figure 4-8):
Review Research (Alt, R, R). When the pane opens, the word you selected already
appears in the “Search for” text box. From the drop-down list beneath it, select the
dictionary. (In the U.S., it’s Encarta Dictionary: English [North America]). Word
looks up the word you selected and displays its definitions; scroll down to read
through them.
To look up another word, just type it into the “Search for” box and press Enter or
click the green “Start searching” arrow.
Figure 4-8:
Word’s Research pane puts an entire
library of reference information at
your fingertips. Use the drop-down
list beneath the “Search for” box to
select the research tool you want (here,
Word’s thesaurus is displaying a list of
Using the Thesaurus
When the word you’re thinking of is almost—but not quite—the word you want,
you can consult a thesaurus to look up synonyms. To make that chore just a little bit
easier, Word has its own thesaurus that you can check as you work, without taking
the time to pull a book from the shelf.
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