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Tip: If the Mini Translator has lots of definitions and you can’t read them all, click the lower-left Expand
button to open the Research pane, with translation information about the selected word or phrase already
You probably don’t need the Mini Translator turned on for every document you
work with. To turn it off, select Review Translate Mini Translator (Alt, R, L, M).
This sequence toggles the Mini Translator off and on, so when you require the Mini
Translator’s services again, repeat the same clicks or keystrokes, and it’s back.
Note: When you open Word, the Mini Translator is off by default, so you have to turn it on to use it.
Using the Research pane for translations
If you don’t like having the Mini Translator always hovering over your text, you can
use the Research pane (Figure 4-8) to get a quick translation of a word or phrase.
Select the phrase you want to translate, and then follow these steps:
1. SelectReview Translate TranslateSelectedText(Alt,R,L,S).
The Research pane opens with the text you selected in the “Search for” box. In
the Translations box, two drop-down lists show the From and To languages.
2. MakesuretheFromandTolanguagesmatchwhatyouwantthetranslatorto
In the WorldLingo section (you may have to scroll down to see it), a translation
of the selection appears.
Translating an entire document
If you need to translate more than just a word or phrase, you can tell Word to
translate an entire document. Doing so requires two main steps: choosing the languages
you’re working with and then sending the document over the Internet to the
translation site. So before you translate a document, make sure you’re connected to the
Internet. Next choose your From and To languages:
1. SelectReview Translate ChooseTranslationLanguage(Alt,R,L,L).
The Translation Language Options dialog box opens.
2. Make sure thatTranslateDocument is selected in the left-handpane.Then
Word sets these languages as your standard for whole-document translation.
(You can always change them later by following these steps again.)
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