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After you’ve selected the languages you want, here’s how you tell Word to translate
a document:
3. SelectReview Translate TranslateDocument(Alt,R,L,T).
A dialog box appears, informing you that Word will send the document over the
Internet to its translation service. Word doesn’t encrypt the document, which
means it may be visible to third parties as it crosses the Internet—so don’t use
this service to translate documents that have confidential or sensitive
information, like financial data or Social Security numbers.
4. ClickSend.
Word sends the document to WorldLingo. A browser window opens and tells
you that the translation is in progress. When the translation is ready, it appears
in the browser window.
Tip: If you have the research pane open (Review➝Research or Alt, R, R), you can order up a
wholedocument translation: Select Translation from the top drop-down list, choose your From and To languages,
and then click the green arrow after “Translate the whole document”.
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